There are numerous renewable energy sources now being studied and developed around the world, including solar energy derived from solar heat radiation. A more critical eye has been cast on energy policies by governments concerned about the dangers of relying on petroleum-based fuels for transportation and power generation. Secondary solar-powered resources, such as biomass, hydroelectricity, wave and wind power, and other renewable energy sources can be used instead of fossil fuels.

Heat engines and/or photovoltaics can be used to generate solar electricity from the sun’s rays (PVs). With photovoltaics technology, solar panels can be utilized to generate power directly from the sun’s rays. Directly converting light into electrical energy is the primary function of photovoltaic cells or solar cells. To boil and generate electricity, a concentrated solar power (CSP) system uses a lens and mirror (heliostats) with an attached tracking mechanism to track the sun’s path and maximize the amount of sunlight that can be captured, resulting in a powerful tiny beam of sunlight.

As oil prices rose and environmental harm was caused by refinement, commercial-industrial trading, and use, governments and economies began to worry about the social and economic consequences. The use of renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy, has been pushed by several governments in their efforts to reorient their energy policies. When it comes to using solar electricity for household electrical usage, however, the cost of acquiring or building and installing solar cells/panels outweighs its desirability to the average homeowner in terms of quick initial payout, which is why so few individual homes currently use solar power.

Solar power system acquisition costs could be reduced in the near future even for the micro and small-scale market sector that includes homes, small businesses, and village walkway lighting systems, thanks to ongoing research, studies, and the application of innovative technology in the renewable energy sector (with individual or cluster electricity-generating solar panels and photovoltaic cells).

Every human being on this earth should etch in his mind and heart a vision of cleaner and fresher air, greener surrounds, and healthy trees. We should all join the fight to prevent global warming from turning into “global boiling,” which will obliterate humanity as we know it.

Save the planet, please! The only other “home planet” in the universe that we are aware of, it is…