An oil leak prompts environmentalists to scream bloody murder, while alternative energy causes more bird deaths than oil spills by a factor of 10,000. This is an apparent double standard. Isn’t it time we brought this up in the alternative energy discussion? Now is the time to discuss, since no one else is going to?

When it comes to their anti-CO2 campaigns, Environmentalists are so desperate for bogus solutions that they’d have you believe we can power the entire world with Wind Power, which is clearly for the birds. Actually, it’s not; it kills them – so much for their supposed care of the environment and endangered species. Wind power isn’t the only alternative energy source that’s killing out birds. CFact has published a fascinating piece with the heading; “There are murky circumstances behind the bailout of a massive solar energy facility, as reported by NBC News: “Streamers: Birds Fried in Midair by Solar Plant, Feds.” Let’s say, “Incinerated in flight like a Death Star’s laser beam from Star Wars.

To my perspective, it’s clear that all of the Global Warming Alarmist Apologetics are a little disingenuous. In the film Tora, Tora, Tora, the Japanese Zeroes fall to the ground and are referred to as “Streamers” by the workers at this solar factory since they are so similar in appearance to the dead birds. We’re aware of the environmental concerns, but aren’t the birds the real losers in this debate?

As an alternative to fossil-fuel-based energy sources, wouldn’t wind turbines reduce the amount of wind that blows over mountain passes, hence increasing the temperature of the surrounding area? In order to prevent global warming, why slow the wind down? When you think about it, how many wind turbines would it take to power a big city in the United States?

Okay, so let’s get back to the topic at hand: birds. How many birds are killed by these pricey energy turbines or the fact that the CO2 created in manufacturing steel towers takes 15 years to offset? What’s the point of all this money spent on windmills? Possibly because they are manufactured in Germany, a country that transferred a lot of money to Obama’s 2008 campaign at $99 increments that were unreported/untraceable for the US election process. Surely there isn’t any sort of plot going on? Or, perhaps, there isn’t. Who’s with me? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this kind of thing.