To keep up with the rising cost of living, there is a growing desire for cleaner and more cost-effective alternative energy alternatives. You only have to look at the price of gasoline and crude oil to see that we are in fact facing a crisis.

But there’s more to the story!

In order to save money, many people are shutting off their energy at particular times of the day. However, there is hope! We now have a viable alternative to hydroelectricity that gives savings of up to 80% on your Power Bill and is carbon-free, making it environmentally beneficial, thanks to recent breakthroughs in solar energy research.

The cost of a solar power generating system might vary greatly depending on the size of your home, but if you’re serious about acquiring one, expect to pay between $3000 and $5,000 for a unit.

The second method is significantly less expensive, and constructing a DIY Solar Panel is not difficult at all if you have a decent guide to follow.

You can find everything you need at home and at your local hardware store:

inexpensive Plywood for solar cell production
Wire made of copper
Stained-glass panes
You can make a home-built solar panel with all of the materials listed above that has the same output capacity as a commercial system. As previously stated, if you have a step-by-step instruction that is easy to follow, you may have one manufactured quickly.