When you finally make the decision to go solar, it’s an exhilarating experience. You’ve done extensive study and decided to invest in solar panels. In your excitement, you’ve already begun searching for local solar installers. You’re still on the fence about going solar because you’re wondering, “What else should I do before asking for a quotation?”

Checking to see if your roof is as ready for solar panel installation as you are is something we recommend doing. There are three critical questions you need to ask yourself before making the switch from traditional to solar power:

Where do you live, exactly?
What’s the state of your roof right now?
How much shadow does your roof get throughout the course of a typical workday?
Your responses can help you decide whether or not it’s time to start shopping around for solar panel prices.. Yes, let’s go through each one, shall we?
What’s the condition of my roof?
The first step in evaluating if your roof is suitable for solar panel installation is to conduct a short roof examination. The following are the three most important things to keep in mind:

figuring out how old your roof is
Solar panels could be hampered by the roof’s composition.
The Roof’s Age
Installing a solar array on an older roof is more likely to necessitate some work. Prior to installing solar panels, if your roof will need to be replaced in the next 10 years, it is recommended to do so. When the roof is rebuilt, you won’t have to remove and reinstall them.

Building Supplies for the Roof

Slate and Spanish tiles, while common roofing materials for which solar panels can be put, necessitate extra attention throughout the installation process. If your roof is built of a delicate material, you should consult with a professional roofer before installing solar panels.

Obstacles that may arise.

Straight rows of solar panels are required. This implies that the number of panels you can place on your roof may be hampered by obstructions like vents and dormers. It’s possible to design around these issues with a qualified solar consultant, but it can still have a negative influence on your solar potential.

Inquire about the condition of my roof.

Installing new solar panels may necessitate replacing your roof first, depending on its condition. Look for the following warning indicators on your roof:

Rafts that have been damaged.
Attic or wall leaks or stains
There are dark stains on the roof that look “filthy.”
If any of these warning indicators are present on your roof, or if it hasn’t been changed in the last ten years, you should get a professional roof repair quote. Look around and see if you can locate any bargains. If you can’t get to the place where you want to put panels, check your home’s plans for the roof’s structure.
How Much Sunlight Is Reflected from My Roof?
A lack of sunlight can reduce the output of your equipment. Since this is the case, it’s a good idea to avoid placing solar panels in shady places on your roof. Trees can also be pruned if necessary to maximize the unobstructed space on your roof. Find out how much sunlight your roof receives each year with Project Sunroof and which parts of your roof would benefit most from installing solar panels.

Ensure that your roof is solar panel ready.
Your solar energy system can benefit greatly from a little forethought and planning. You can get the most out of your solar panels by answering three easy questions regarding your roof.